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The new hit single

shy boy, shy girl?
when will these two ever meet?
Shy boy, shy girl
In the back corner they SNEEEEEAAK!

They're not so shy anymmmmmore
shy girl is now a whore
turn around to see the closing door
shy boy was only lookin' to score!
and when they emerge... look! she's goin back for moreeeee
I feel the vibrations on the floor
they're getting louder than a world war!
They were at it all night now all you hear is snoooooooore
putting a new meaning to the word "Hardcore"
they do it sdo much it's become a chore
they don't get back home until about four
if she asked for money, shy boy would be oh so poor
she walks with a limp because she's a wee bit sooooore
and everything else now feels like a big bore
now she's getting frisky, as she lets out a loud roar
shy boy is letting his rocket sooooooar
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