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We're De-Core!

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We are Decora

A band [of friends] from the Daytona Beach area of the grand, sunshine state of Florida.

This community is closed to anyone but the members of Decora. If you would like to add it to your friends page in order to keep track of what we're doing--go ahead and stalk us.

Haters will be happily ignored. Lovers will be happily adored. Make love, not war people.

* * * * *

Decora is:

(Acoustic Guitar)
Charming and polite, sure--but if you call her Kelly Osbourne she'll trip yo ass! Megan's roll in Decora is that of the kick arse acoustic guitar player (Dave Matthew's watch out), and the goofy friend. If Decora were an Oreo, Megan would be our creamy filling. Ahem. Aside from the band, Megan is the co-operator of her two side projects--Romeo Carter (clothing label) and some Pizza place that serves it's food in fuschia colored boxes (don't ask... we never do).

(Bass, Vocals)
Shannon is the tallest member and takes on the roll of sexy, mysterious, bass playing chick, and also lends a hand by offering her manly back up vocals. She is a strong vegetarian, and if you ever get her in a shopping cart you will be lucky enough to witness her using her special powers--high-frequency dolphin communication-esque squeaking. Oh, and incase you were confused, SHANNON OWNS ROONEY!

(Lead Vocals, Guitar)
Tirzah is the shortest, cutest, wisest, toughest, and all-around best member of Decora (...okay, not really, but I had you there for a second, didn't I?). She knows how to put haters in their place--and if you're a teenie bopper, watch yourself, because she will kill you. Or maybe just rough you up a little. She works as a journalist/reporter for TBM and knows just about everything about music. Don't let her glasses throw you off, though... she's Indie.

* * * * *

Decora is currently looking for a drummer, so if you know how to bang... on a drumset... with sticks... *cough*... please feel free to contact us!

Through AIM:
(Megan) meggo01
(Shannon) ShannonofDecora
(Tirzah) KarmasApology