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A twist a turn
You speak and I burn
After all is said and done
I learn
There is no way around you.

This isn't the first time these tears have been shed
And it won't be the last by the things you have said
But somehow I don't mind
Because somehow
None of this registers in my head.

And so now I'm waiting for Karma's Apology
Because none of this is what I deserve
Tried my best to be a good girl
Catch up to me Karma
I'm waiting for you.

Becoming a doll made of nothing real
Growing numb to what I use to feel
Staring at my time and energy up on the shelf...
But it's impossible to steal.

So where are you Karma?
I've been waiting for so long
And can't understand where it went wrong
Must have written a million songs
Just waiting for you.

Sorry, so sorry
A smile people see on my face
Maybe this isn't such a waste...
You are the apology
You are the apology

Catch up to me Karma.
I'm waiting for you.

The Write Night

Nothing to do
Everyone is gone
The record store is closed... all the lights are off

Up and ready to go
I'm awake, everyone's asleep
this town is dead and I'm not even close.

Tonight is the right night, my imagination's on fire
ideas and feelings flowing in and out of me on to paper
Tonight is the write night.

The time is slowly tick tocking-by
Try to avoid looking but as hard as I try those glowing digits keep catching my eye.

Nothing to do
everyone is gone
and my mind is on...

I get bored way too easliy.
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