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Hey Now Girl

Mmm, Kudos! Yummay! Shannon you should be an Incubus fan. They say Kudos way too much. And Cheers, too.
Weirdo Incubus fans.

So I guess it's time for Lindson's initiation? I requested that, as proof of her worthiness, she should compile pictures and make a new icon for the community (that way she could add her own picture), but rather than take the mission for herself, she asked Shannon to do it. Yes. Shannon, who is already a loyal member of Decora. I had to knock off a few brownie points for that, even though she has plenty of points going towards her since she has chosen to dedicate herself to the ultimate mission... Project Just Go.
I say we get a good night sleep, and decide tomorrow. You see Lindsey, Decora is not just a group--it is a lifestyle. We make our OWN rules.

Yeah, am I great at B.S.ing or what? Haha.

Crisi is going to be at Islands of Adventure on Tuesday, too! YAY WE GET TO STOCK HER!

I really need to find a dude. Sheesh.
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