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Don't Turn Your Back On Me--I Won't Be Ignored!

Yo dudes!
So are we going to hit up Universal on Tuesday or what? If stuff comes up and we end up not being able to, it's cool--but I did take of work for it, so it'd be pretty nifty if we could take advantage since it's hard for me to get off these days (Ahem... WORK, that is...sickos!).
My only concern is--Meg's cousin. We want her to come, but will we all be able to squeeze in to my truck? Is there an alternative to getting there? Hmm. I mean--if she's small enough, it probably won't be too bad... I'll be comfortable but how 'bout the rest of ya'll? Haha.

My dad just had a brand new $500 AC system put in to Mikey... and it's as freezing as a mutha in there! It's so wonderful!

Anyway, check it yo--let me know what's the dizzle in the hizzle.
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